Frequently Asked Questions

No. We are land investors. We seek to profit by buying properties in bulk and re-selling them to buyers who want to own land for a wide variety of different reasons.

Typically not. Because we have done this many times, we have created a system that simplifies the buying process by employing straightforward, plain language contracts. Of course, we encourage you to hire a professional if you think it’s necessary, but you should probably look closely at our process before you decide.

For every property we offer a cash discount price as well as one or more options to pay for it over time, with financing provided by KHI Land Partners.

It’s easy – everyone qualifies! There are no credit checks, no worries about past financial problems. We finance anyone who wants to purchase land.

It’s because we structure the financing in the form of a land contract. The terms of the contract state that we turn over the deed to the property when the buyer makes the final payment. If at some point the buyer can no longer continue making the payments, or simply no longer wants to, the contract dictates that the deal is terminated and the property reverts to KHI Land Partners.

If you buy the property for cash, you receive the deed immediately upon closing. If you buy with financing, as described in the prior question, you will receive the deed and take full ownership after the final payment is made.

Step 1: Make an initial payment to hold the property. If you are buying for cash, it will be a reserve payment, and if you are buying with financing it will be a down payment. Effectively it’s the same thing, simply showing you want to hold the property so we will not sell it to anyone else. If you change your mind, this holding payment is fully refundable within 30 days of when you make it.

Step 2: We prepare and send the full land contract, which includes:

· Promissory Note (if buying with financing)

· Land Sale Contract

· Agreement for Sale and Purchase

· Payment instructions

Step 3: You read and approve the documents, then sign and make any remaining payments at closing. The signing is done online, saving time, paper, and hassle. If you are buying for cash you will pay the balance of the cash price, plus the $199 document fee. We will package all the paperwork along with the deed and mail it to the county to be recorded. The county will mail you the original deed after it has been fully recorded. If you are buying with financing, you will pay the document fee and can begin using the property. When we receive the last payment, we will deed the property to you and have it recorded with the county in your name.

We guarantee clear and marketable title with every property we sell. There are NO back taxes, NO liens and NO outstanding HOA dues on any of our properties.

In addition, we allow an inspection period of 30 days from date of down payment. If you are unsatisfied with the property, you may exchange the property for any other property currently for sale in our portfolio. All deposits and fees will be applied to the purchase of the new property.

The annual property taxes are provided in each property listing under property information.

There is no prepayment penalty, so you can make additional payments during the payment period to lower your balance and finish paying early. Or you can simply pay off the entire remaining balance at any time. You will fully own the property as soon as you have paid the full amount, whether on schedule or early.